Young people in Serbia are Euro-skeptical and dissatisfied
with their life in Serbia, latest study shows.

Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade on June 2 presented the results of their study of attitudes of young people about Serbian EU integration. This research, conducted in April this year in cooperation with the European Movement in Serbia and with assistance of the Faculty‘s second year students. This research has been conducted from April 19 to April 29, and it included 979 young persons between 15 and 29 years of age from Serbia, including those from Kosovo.The results showed that 33% of young people oppose Serbian EU membership, 27% are indifferent to it, and 12% emphatically supports it. In addition, 42,6% of young people believes that Serbia should rely on Russia in her foreign policy, 19,4 on EU while 3,9% believes that relying on the USA would be the best option. Nearly 80% of young people believe that things in Serbia are not evolving in the right direction, and the average mark given to the situation in Serbia was 2,26 out of 5.

The presentation has been followed by a discussion invoiving Tanja Mišćević, the head of Serbian negotiation team for EU accession, Maja Bobić, secretary general of the European movement in Serbia and Ivana Radić Milosavljević, teaching associate at the Faculty of Political Sciences.

For a detailed survey of the study in Serbian, visit this site.