CDER implements international project within Erasmus + Programme – Capacity building in the field of youth.

Project has following aims:

1. Increasing the capacity of youth organisations/workers in the field of media literacy and media activism and fostering their active participation in society,
2. Fostering intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 5 Partner and 5 Programme countries from Western Balkans, Western Europe and North Europe regions;
3. Strengthening media promotion of youth policy and democratic values in partner countries on transregional and European level.

The main project activities are:

1. Training course in media literacy and media activism (the goal of the TC is to provide media literacy/activism skills for 33 youth workers from 11 partner NGOs);
2. Creating an online course on media literacy and media activism and an online course on how to create blog on youth policy and democracy;
3. Creating a transnational e-Magazine for youth policy and promotion of democratic values.

Partners: 11 youth NGOs from United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, B&H, Latvia, Estonia and Serbia.